Is Gay the New Black? Voddie Baucham

Unlocking the Mysteries of Genesis The topics of homosexuality and same-sex marriage are origins issues. As Dr. Voddie Baucham says in his introduction, "This is a Genesis 1, 2, and 3 issue." This 55 min sermon is a real eye opener. It is information about the "gay" agenda and how it is being implemented.

If you want some real truth about how sodomites are deceiving you and your children take the time to listen and learn what Voddie Baucham has to say about how sodomites are using certain black leaders to deceive you into thinking "gay rights" are a civil rights issue. Baucham reveals how sodomites operate to push their homosexual agenda.)


God's Creation Design for Gender and Marriage.

Dr. Richard Phillips opens up Genesis chapters 1 and 2 and shows their great relevance for our lives today. In a world where gender distinctions are increasingly confused, Phillips shows how God makes clear distinctions that Christians should respect and cultivate. God's design for marriage is not only clearly stated in Genesis, but helpfully explained throughout the Bible. Finally, in a culture where sexual sins and confusion mar the lives of countless people, Phillips shows the Bible's depiction of sexuality as holy, good, and blessed by God when in accordance with His Word.


Can the Bible and Evolution Co-Exist?

Many Evangelical Christians today are asking if there is room to accommodate the theory of evolution with a high view of Scriptural authority. Increasing numbers of scholars, including the well-funded Biologos Foundation, have been making that case that biblical fidelity does not rule out evolution. According to Dr. Richard D. Phillips this view is tragically mistaken.

He addressed the Creation Study Group on January 15, 2015 concerning the question "Can the Bible and Evolution Co-Exist?" His presentation focused on three key topics: 1) Does Genesis 1 teach history? 2) Can the Bible's teaching concerning Adam be made compatible with the theory of evolution? and 3) What effect do the necessary implications of evolution have on historic Christian doctrines?

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